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Help Canadians get the money they deserve.

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We have employees from all over the world working together to ensure the success of Canada Tax Reviews. You can find us in Canada, the U.S.A, India, Israel, and the Philippines.

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Canada Tax Reviews is responsible for putting over 50 million dollars of government benefits into Canadians pockets.

How Can Canada Tax Reviews Maximize Your Tax Recovery?

By law, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has allowed individuals to adjust their taxes for the last 10 years. Accountants typically review the last 10 years and the current state of your tax returns. At Canada Tax Reviews, our team looks deeper into your tax return history to find opportunities within the confines of the Tax Act to benefit you and your family.

Our Efficient Process:

You may be wondering just how Canada Tax Reviews can recover money from your past refunds. Well, we can tell you. By law, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows you to perform adjustments on your tax returns from 10 years prior. Some accountants will often only review your last two years, but at Canada Tax Reviews, we do a full analysis for the full 10 years.

If you would like to receive a comprehensive review of your past tax returns, contact Canada Tax Reviews today for a FREE consultation and to schedule an appointment with us.

If You Are Missing Potential Tax Credits, Can You Claim Them Later?

At Canada Tax Reviews, our specialists use extensive training and advanced software to uncover all available benefits, grants, positive tax law changes, errors, and unclaimed credits that may apply to you.

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Our Guarantee

By closely reviewing your tax return, we will help
you get back as much money as possible for you from the CRA

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Majority of Canadians Are Due A Refund

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Unclaimed Refunds

Avarage refunds are $1,000 and range from several hundred to many thousands of dollars

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Photocopies of your tax returns are not required


“We only get paid once you get paid. 33% on the first $25,000 refunded to you and a sliding scale of 10% for larger refunds"

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