Our Customers Testimonials


“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the hard work you did. I know my tax returns were pretty in-depth and messed up. I am so happy that I was able to find your company and I am even more glad that you were able to recover a thousand dollars more for me that I missed. I am ecstatic that you were there for me and I highly recommend you!”


“Canada Tax Reviews was a blessing for me. I have never been good with my taxes and I simply made some mistakes when I filled them out. Not only did I incorrectly put information into some of the boxes, I accidentally looked over some tax credits I could have claimed. Canada Tax Reviews was ready to work with me and they told me exactly how much I could get back and what I did wrong. I am so happy I called them and I suggest you work with them.”


“I have a small business and I file both my taxes for that business and my personal ones. I had no idea I could have been taking some of the deductions I wasn’t and I lost out on a couple thousand dollars because of it. When I called Canada Tax Reviews, they were happy to work with me and they sat down with me and explained the whole process in detail. I am glad that I called them and would recommend them for both personal and business Canada Tax Reviews.”


“I like to think I am good at doing my taxes, after all, I did receive a minor in Accounting, but to my surprise, Canada Tax Reviews DID find some tax credits that I did not claim and some deductions I missed. Wow. Definitely recommend them.”

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