Jesse Leibel

In a time when customer service and person to person interaction is almost completely nonexistent, to the point of checking out and bagging your own groceries, my agent “Lucy” @ Canada Tax reviews, was absolutely amazing! I really mean that! Fast, efficient and surprisingly concerned about my situation, she was also extremely helpful in an authentically friendly manner.
When her emails to me provided a phone number in which to contact her if I had concerns, I expected to leave a message and to be contacted at a later time and date, as is common practice in a large bureaucratic organization. But to my amazement she actually answered, every single time!
Even after she had taken care of my account as far as she was mandated to do so, she followed up with me and made sure I was taken care of properly.
After speaking with various people about their experiences with
“Canada Tax Reviews” I found this is not out of the ordinary, but is a common occurrence with this organization.
Bravo! 👏 and thank you!

“Lucy & The great people @ Canada tax review”.

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