Charlene McDonald

Agents were amazing,I am not great with anything online,their patience made this process so much easier. Thanks again 😷😷

Brenda Hayes

I would like to thank Canada Tax Reviews for the exceptional service. I received my cerp payment in 3 days. Great people, great service. Thanks so much.

Josephine Valenciano

I do appreciate so much about the help you have given me especially the Virus we’re having for months now. Most seniors are very much affected, from the Virus, Fear, Stroke, Heartattack and under severe depression.
I’m blessed upon receiving big help from Canada Tax Reviews.
Thank you so much.

Teresita Sampang

I can highly recommend the Canada Tax review to others. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Keep it up, guys!!!

Lucia Mac

They actually really helped me. I didn’t think about it until my husband desperately told me to apply for CERB after my maternity period ended. But I’m thankful for them.

Stan Jarvis

Was very impressed with the service and promptness of the return phone call. Also liked being treated with respect good job. My only kinda complaint is the charge I feel it should be a one time fee but for the service you get and everything looked after all good

Rae-Ann Brunette

Everyone I dealt with was very helpful and kind. They explained things to me clearly and with professionalism. I would definitely deal with you again!! Thank you team and thank you to Dave!! I dealt with him a lot. Very nice and good sense of humor.

Sonya Laferriere

Helped me right away and made it simple. I understood when and what I was receiving with email follow ups and confirmations. Amazing communication with short to no wait times.

Christine Abuce

The service was amazing, I wish I got the name of the guy that helped me but he did such a great job in helping me step my step. I would definitely recommend.

Laura Murphy

Overall, my experience with this company and their employee’s are out standing! They give no hassle, get straight to their point & have been 100% straight & honest. No b.s. , i highly recommend this company to really anyone. (& their low insurance rate is super generously low) 10/10 for sure.

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