Speciality in Helping Groups

Canada Tax Reviews specializes in helping groups and businesses uncover any tax benefits and credits they may have missed in prior filing years.

Some of the different groups that we help include:

When working with a group or business, we do everything to ensure a full review of your tax returns and provide you with a comprehensive breakdown your income tax.

In addition, we work with employers to offer an employee benefit program that will benefit ALL
employees at your organization.

Our employee benefits program offer:

When we work with groups, we ensure that you and those under you understand that there is NO cost to receive a review and no obligation to participate in this service.

Our specialists do not need you to bring in your tax returns either. We have the latest and best software that allows us to look over your tax returns from previous years too.

Unlike other agencies, Canada Tax Reviews can review your tax returns for up to 10 years prior. That could mean a lot of unclaimed and uncovered refund money for you.

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