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At Canada Tax Reviews, our tax recovery specialists are standing by and waiting to talk to you about your taxes. Our team is specially trained and uses some of the best software to uncover ALL of the taxes, grants, benefits, errors, and unclaimed credits that are available to you.

Taxes can be difficult and it can be even harder to fill them out on your own. If you did happen to turn in your tax return, you may have accidentally missed some credits, tax breaks, and benefits that could have led to cash in your hand. If you would like for us to take a look at your tax return, we can! Simply call us now for a FREE consultation over the phone.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us
Our efficient process

You may be wondering just how Canada Tax Reviews can recover money from your past refunds. Well, we can tell you. By law, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows you to perform adjustments on your tax returns from 10 years prior. Some accountants will often only review your last two years, but at Canada Tax Reviews, we do a full analysis for the full 10 years.

If you would like to receive a comprehensive review of your past tax returns, contact Canada Tax Reviews today for a FREE consultation and to schedule an appointment with us.

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